Housewife Trading is live – Trading for dummies

Housewife Trading is live – Trading for dummies

Trading for you and me.
Tech stocks, Traditional stocks, Cryptos, we comment it all and we help you to take the right decision.
We also help you on how to pick the right media agency

Oil up to 100USD? Trump strikes China back
Cac 40 expected stable at opening

Wall Street folds, Europe resists. It must be said that the Euro currency continues its decline that began a month ago, favoring European exporters. A trajectory that should be supported by political developments in Italy. The two anti-system parties agreed yesterday on the main principles of a government agreement, without having so far succeeded in appointing the future President of the Council. A program likely to put pressure on Italian obligations and to displease Brussels, given the budgetary expenditure and tax cuts announced.

6 questions to test the honesty of your media agency
After spending a big part of my career on the advertiser side where I bought media in more than 20 countries with 30+ different media agencies. I moved to the other, darker side. And took a management position of a media agency in a developing country. I learned a lot and it made me realize how valuable it is to find an honest and reliable media agency.

How do media agencies earn money
The main role of a media agency is fairly straight forward. A brand wants to increase its sales and/or brand awareness, and therefore gets in touch with a media agency that will help the brand on two fronts, the brand message itself and/or the media exposure. In this article, we will focus on the media buying / exposure and how media agencies earn money.
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